Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tattoo convention of Kathmandu

Although I've tried to get to the annual tattoo convention in Kathmandu for years now, this was the first year I actually made it. Two years ago I was on my way to the convention along with a couple of our guests and Kamal's son, Kiran when the earthquake struck. This year I was determined to get there and I'm really glad that I did.

I was surprised that the location wasn't marked well and we had to ask for directions along the way. The exhibition center was modern and well lit with several rows of stalls. The tattoo artists were from all over the world and many of the tattoo artists were covered with their artwork.

As I walked passed the stalls I spoke with several artists. This is a personal issue so it's important to feel comfortable with the artist. As it turned out, I found my way back to an artist from Spain and spoke with her briefly a second time. She just felt right and had time for me. Maria was excited to do my tattoo, as she had just had her first reiki attunement; I wanted a small reiki symbol. It felt like a synchronicity that she also had a connection to reiki.
Reiki symbols aren't displayed so I cannot show it.

Maria and her boyfriend had produced a short movie that the convention showed. The movie portrayed 21 people in masks who had clamps pierced through their skin and lifted in a carousel-type apparatus and spun in a rather gothic manor. It depicted this unique human art-form and was quite interesting. I told Maria about our upcoming festival whereby a Nepali man has a rod pierced through his tongue and then proceeds to pull a chariot with a god within.  Both she and her boyfriend, also a tattoo artist, were quite interested.

If you plan to come to Nepal in March/April be sure to check to see when this annual convention is going to be here. The tattoos are quite inexpensive and start from only 4,000 NRs. Although about twice the price as in Kathmandu in the local establishments, it is still a bargain over Western prices.

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