Monday, June 19, 2017

Coming to Nepal? How 'bout a Free Stay in Changunarayan?

Our agency is in need of a few things that we cannot get from here, either due to our finances or because we just cannot find it. We don't have much money, but we do have a lovely guest house in an amazing village. We went to Kathmandu yesterday and it was so sticky-hot we felt like we were melting. Then we got half way up the mountain after Bhaktapur and it started to rain and cool us off. It was so good to feel the cool water coming in the window. We have only 4-40 air conditioning-open 4 windows and go 40 MPH. 

Star View Guest House was fortunate to have a guest come to stay a month who is a creative crafter. She is helping us put the joint project with Siddhi Memorial Health Centre (hospital). We walked all over Kathmandu asking for such a simple thing, straight pins for our new sewing project. We couldn't believe they just do not seem to exist in Nepal. 

We use the guest house to help the agency and sometimes the agency even helps us fill the guest house. So, if you would like to put a package of straight pins (cost is only about a dollar) into your luggage for us we would be happy to give you a night's stay in our guest house. We'll give you a nice room with an attached bath if one is available and even breakfast. 

We have so many birds here it would be wonderful if we had a pair of good binoculars to share with our guests. If you could go to a second hand store and pick up a good, used pair we could give you 3 nights stay with breakfast.

If you have a used laptop we can give you 5 or more nights with breakfast, depending on the age/value. We are teaching the villagers who are unable to go to college how to make websites with affiliate marketing links. The class is coming along rather well, but we need more computers in order to expand the class and provide computers for more of the students. Many of them have to share.

Our dictionary distribution at our local government school for 100 students.

If you have a broken camera or SIM card compatible mobile phone, or laptop computer, good quality and less  than 5 years old we can give you a free stay as we agree upon. We really appreciate help with these things.  We are looking for something we can make videos with and take great close-up, nature shots, computers we can  use to expand our computer classes and getting by is difficult without a mobile phone and many poor women need one. Many electronics  can be repaired for a small amount when the corporation repair center doesn't want to look at it. This is definitely something to consider bringing, whether you want to come to our guest house or get a great deal on a repair.

If you can bring gently used, warm clothing we can give you a room for 1 night for each 10 KG. that you bring. You can distribute the clothing yourself, either with us or when you go trekking. The people in trekking country suffer horribly from the cold. So far, Kay Garnay for  Nepal, in conunction with our volunteers and guests, has collected and distributed over 200 KG of warm clothing. 

One last thing I'd like to mention; Nepal is a nation in need of books and learning materials. We do not need new school supplies, as they can usually be purchased here for less. We need used children's books and simple to understand books about solar projects, organic farming and first aid books. We can give you $1 off your room charge for each 3 books you bring.

We can write a letter from  our registered nonprofit agency so you can get some free baggage on the airlines. We are always happy to provide you with whatever you need, but please keep in mind that we will have to pay a tariff on the items and pick them up in Kathmandu. Computers and electronics are too expensive to ship by parcel. We suggest putting an extra 1-2 in your luggage.

If you would like to bring any of these things to us please email us at

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