Monday, August 22, 2016

Nepal, a Country in Need of Books

Fun, Children's books can take the chore of learning English and make it a joy. Many of the books written by non-native English speakers tend to have typographical and grammatical mistakes making it difficult for students to learn with confidence. Many students pronounce 'school' as '├ęs-school' and make many other mistakes. These fundamental errors make higher learning even more difficult. Some people seem to just string words together until they need to take a breath. Children's books can do so much more than just entertain.

We've been getting books as volunteers come and we share with 4 local libraries.The children really do appreciate the books. Our next project is two-fold. First, we are sending out our call for used children's books and starting a book exchange with our little library network. We are providing stamps for each of the libraries to mark their books, a poster announcing when the new books will be arriving and a plastic container to help distribute the books. On the first Sunday of the month Sajana and Bikash will visit the librairies to assist with the book rotation. Each library will pass 25-50 books along to the next library. In the coming months we hope the libraries will do this on their own. 

Our second initiative is to help provide warm clothing for people in the high country. As has been our custom, we suggest that you hold onto the clothes until you get to the high country if you plan to go trekking or volunteering in the rural areas. You won't have to look far to find someone in need of a warm jacket. You can also go to a temple to donate. You can leave them with us, as well. We will get them to where they are needed. But we would like to have you see the smiles when people get a new jacket, if possible.

Our Gift to Our Generous Guests: We can give you up to one half (1/2) of the room price for as long as you'd like to stay with us-up to 2 weeks, giving you a credit of 100 NRs. per kg. of warm clothing that you bring to donate. We can give 100 NRs. per 3 children's books. Our rooms are from $10-20, until Sept. 20. Then the room prices will go up from $2-5 per night. 

For more information on our room rates please see Star View Guest House We have pictures of the property and our amazing village there. 
 Visit our website to learn more about our projects at

My eBook is available now at If you are planning a trip to Nepal you'll enjoy it. It will save you time as well as money, but more importantly, it will help you to have a better time in Nepal. Many people wonder if they can eat the street food like in Thailand or Vietnam. 

Here's my spoiler alert: Do not eat the street food in Nepal, nor should you eat at any buffet. The eBook addresses such things as this and what to do if you become ill, etc. Whether or not you get my book, please read this short, free eBook. It will help you get your time here off to a great start. there is a problem with the download or code please let me know at 

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