Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Book Drive and Book Rotation Library Project

As our first year comes to an end we had one more project to implement, our Book Rotation Project.  But not only are we able to share with our other, tiny libraries in the area and art projects, but we were able to start our own along with books brought by Donors in Germany. 

Granted, this is just a couple of tiny shelves, hardly a library, but it's a start. We believe children should be inspired to read, to love and be hungry for books. That only takes one book, the right book. That's how I think about helping children to read. Myself, I had a learning disability and didn't learn to read until I was about 12 years old. It was only when I fell in love with the poetry of Robert Service, the Klondike Poet of the 19th Century that I learned to read, really read.

 It is my desire to get that inspiring book into the hands of the Nepali children as soon as I can. Our book exchange takes 25 books from one library and after they are stamped with that library's stamp they are given to either the Happy Kids Recreation Center in Bhaktapur, the library in the nearby Tamang village, Tatgal Village, or the other one in Changunarayan. 

Along with the library and book exchange, we are starting an after-school homework tutor center. When we don't have volunteers our young, Nepali monitor will open a computer to show them a video on Youtube. We have been impressed by the quality, simplicity and enthusiasm in the math tutorials on youtube.  

We are also continuing to show movies on Friday nights. All of these things are coming together to help the kids build confidence and skills. We should be able to find a young student to be our monitor/tutor for only about $20 a month. This would keep the tutor/library projects going.

We have an offer for our future guests. We can give you up to 1/2 off of your room price with us, up to 2 weeks, at $1 per 3 gently used children's books you bring. Whether they are hardcover or paperback, gently used children's books are so needed here. So, if you can spend a few days in Changunarayan with us you will have a lovely room at an amazing price and enjoy this amazing, ancient village and its people. We've had people put out a call at their church or school and had great success. We can also provide you with an NGO letter so you can get free room on your airplane fare. 

Please send inquiries about our offer to FrugalTravelsNepal@gmail.com

Our nicest room $25 after Sept. 20. Your savings if you bring us some books: Up to $12.50  

My eBook is available now at https://payhip.com/b/sQu5 If you are planning a trip to Nepal you'll enjoy it. It will save you time as well as money, but more importantly, it will help you to have a better time in Nepal. Many people wonder if they can eat the street food like in Thailand or Vietnam. 

Here's my spoiler alert: Do not eat the street food in Nepal, nor should you eat at any buffet. The eBook addresses such things as this and what to do if you become ill, etc. Whether or not you get my book, please read this short, free eBook. It will help you get your time here off to a great start. http://bit.ly/2aGxcuHIf there is a problem with the download or code please let me know at FrugalTravelsNepal@gmail.com 

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