Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bringing Your Hobby to Nepal

As it turns out, Changunarayan is a great place to go if you have a hobby you don't want to leave at home. We've had mountain bikers come and leave us their mountain bikes so they will have something to ride when they come back to Nepal and a crafter who brought money supplies to teach a quilting class. We host volunteers quite regularly, whether for Kay Garnay for Nepal or another local NGO, such as the 'Answer' (US nonprofit agency) group who recently came to finish building a home for a nearby family. Often our guests show a desire to leave a bit of goodwill behind and we are happy to provide a platform in which to share. Our short-term guests put a chapter of a text book on MP3 audio, make a presentation for students about the environment or join us for a village clean-up day.

One unusual hobby you wouldn't expect to see someone bring to Nepal is HAM radio and all the apparatus that goes with it. This was the second time we had the pleasure of hosting this group of HAM radio enthusiasts. Janusz and three friends came from Poland for a couple weeks and enjoyed the vastness of Nepal's air waves from the prospective of the Star View Guest House.

This being their second trip to Nepal with the HAM radios, one would wonder why the need to bring all this equipment so far away. Due to the location of the guest house, a person can pick up many signals without interference. There are few people in Nepal that have HAM radios, which is also helpful to get a signal. But sitting at the edge of the Kathmandu Valley the signal can literally go all the way around the world!

There is one other reason the Star View Guest House and Changunarayan makes such a great location for HAM radio enthusiasts, bikers, quilters or just about any other quirky way you want to experience Nepal; we love to accommodate our guests, whatever their needs are. We've handled peanut allergies and a host of other issues quite successfully over the past 2 years and we actually enjoy having such unique experiences along with our guests.

Stephenie teaching the village women a stitch for the hand quilting class. 

If you are looking for an enriching time during your travels to Nepal please consider bringing your talents to Changunarayan. We are happy to host you or find a home-stay here in the village.

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