Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Perfect Place to Intern or Volunteer: Our Ancient Village in Nepal

Doing Your Internship in Nepal, the Perfect Time and Place

Attention University Students,
Quilters, IT Specialists, Teachers, Organic Gardeners

We recently had a couple of Spanish interns who came and worked at our government school. We worked with them to design a program to keep them busy, give them some hands-on experience and help them complete their studies at university. It worked out quite well for us because Daniel and Julia connected with the students so well the kids will never forget these interns. Here are some of the reasons it worked out well for our interns:
1. The interns are welcomed and encouraged to create their own program. We can help to make it fit our village a bit, but we want your enthusiasm and creativity.
2. We are open to interns and volunteers all year long.
3. We do not have a volunteer fee. We hope you can bring a bit of funding if your project requires it, but if you want to teach at the government school or at our agency in our tutoring center or helping us with the internet you need to pay only for your food. You will have a room with your private bed and bathroom just outside the room. Although you will usually have the room to yourself, you will only share with people of the same gender when the guest house is full. 
4. We provide a much better, quality stay than any other volunteering program that we know of in Nepal. 
5. Note below that we offer a great Nepal experience and several bonus ways that we help you to get the most of your travels in Nepal.

Can you help us with any of these positions?

Our registered NGO, is in need of help in several positions, firstly, someone to teach quilting/hand-stitching. Can you teach tailoring or any special sewing projects? We’ve learned during this last earthquake disaster in 2015 that the best way to help people suffering from a disaster is to support them by purchasing their local goods. I think that applies as much to the Middle Eastern refugees as it does to the people in New Zealand who may have financial hardships after their devastating earthquakes.

We, at Kay Garnay for Nepal, are working to help uplift the women and families of our ancient village in the Kathmandu Valley. These women are hard working. We have all been effected by the devastation, some more than others and yet our village was not severely hit by comparison of many other areas.

We had a volunteer come from UK who taught them some quilting/hand-stitching skills for a week. Now the women are eager to learn more and be able to earn a bit more.
We have hopes of making a reversible, flannel, hand-tailored pajamas, but the women will need to be trained. We also want to start a line of maternity clothing using the kurta as inspiration. So, we are open to the direction you’d like to take them. If you have something you can teach within this theme we welcome you.

Other projects we need help with

IT: Website design and SOE. Our websites are up, but they need some updating and editing. We also have young people who are interested in learning computer technology.
Organic gardener: We hope to create a botanical walk in our village and we also want to help our local farmers to grow organically.
Map maker: We are developing 5 permit-free trekking routes and need someone to help put the project together.
Teaching at our local, government school: We need volunteers to English and Social Science. We also need people to read the text books into an MP3 file to create audio books. With the teachers unable to speak English well, the students lack understanding when they just read the textbooks by themselves. It’s an impossible task to learn from a text book in another language without hearing it.
Other projects that will teach and enrich our villagers.

What we offer

We offer a clean room and toilet, all the food, coffee and tea you’d like prepared for you, lovely views, peaceful surroundings, morning yoga, weekly day trips to Kathmandu for site seeing, 24/7 WIFI, electricity and hot water and a grateful group of Nepali women who need help to support their families and rebuild their lives.

We ask that you teach for 3 hours per day 5 days per week and pay $7 per day for food/utilities. If you are unable to pay this amount please let us know. We have provided scholarships for several volunteers, some from other developing nations.

Send your inquiry to:
Learn about our agency:
Check out our lovely guest house where you will stay:

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