Thursday, December 15, 2016

What's going on in India?

One of our guests went to India. When he came back he told us about his time there. There doesn't seem to be any money in India. All the ATM machines and banks seem to have people waiting all day long to take money out.

Our guest, Michael, had to use his credit card for things. The problem with that is that there can be an extra charge for using a credit card. Most companies do not have the capability of taking credit cards, so time spent in India can easily become all about trying to get money instead of enjoying India.

If you are in India or planning to go, I'd recommend hopping on a plane to Nepal from Delhi rather than dealing with the fiasco that seems to be India.

So, jump on a flight to Kathmandu and avoid the political issues going on now in India. For once, I think Nepal is a more stable country at this time. Apparently, there is a plan to starve Pakistan out, but in the meantime they seem to be starving everyone.

Come to Nepal; come to Changunarayan. We have rooms, as does the other home stay homes and guest houses. It's really lovely here.

The weather is a bit chilly in the mornings, but we have clear skies and a sunny rooftop. It's really a mild winter here in the Kathmandu Valley.

Our website got hacked, but we are still here and ready for a few guests. +977 015141181. Or you can contact us at for a quick response.

My eBook is available now at If you are planning a trip to Nepal you'll enjoy it. It will save you time as well as money, but more importantly, it will help you to have a better time in Nepal. Many people wonder if they can eat the street food like in Thailand or Vietnam. 

Here's my spoiler alert: Do not eat the street food in Nepal, nor should you eat at any buffet. The eBook addresses such things as this and what to do if you become ill, etc. Whether or not you get my book, please read this short, free eBook. It will help you get your time here off to a great start. there is a problem with the download or code please let me know at 

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