Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Senior Volunteer Opportunity

I keep seeing people come to Nepal to help and end up building a guest house for someone. Seriously? We do not believe that is a good use of our volunteers' time or talent to do what local people can do. We also know it gets quite cold in many countries throughout N. America and Europe and cold winters can be difficult for people on the other side of 55. Our winters are quite mild in the Kathmandu Valley with views of the Himalayas.

No Volunteer Fees-Pay only for food/Utilities while you are here and we feature a ½ price on food charges ($10 per day for volunteers after Mar. 1) for over 60 years old and native/fluent English speaker. Your entire stay will cost only $5 per day for the right person.

Aug. 2017-March 1, 2018
Enjoy a mild winter, interesting activities and make a difference in our village. Imagine how much money you will have saved if you do not have to pay for heating and rent.

This senior mother brought her son, grandson and daughter-in-law.
Everyone found their place in our village and had a wonderful time.

We offer:
Private room with bath
Weekly day trips to Kathmandu for site seeing by car each week.
Food prepared for you using hygienic practices and quality ingredients, either Nepali style cooking or Western style food.
24/7 Electricity, WIFI, Hot Water
Yoga sessions, art lessons and interesting village activities
We provide a healthy, enriching experience of Nepal and our sincere appreciation.

Skills needed:
Ability to use social media, take pictures and videos, upload them to social media and websites.
 Read textbooks into MP3 recording
Teach in our local, government school:
Health and Sex Education          
English/Social Studies/Science
Art Projects
A project or dream that you’d like to do

You will not be asked to do a job that a local person could also do. We support the local economy. 
You will be able to take coffee or tea up on our rooftop terrace just about any day while you are here.

Follow our work as you make your plans to join us. Contact Ama at 

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Here's my spoiler alert: Do not eat the street food in Nepal, nor should you eat at any buffet. The eBook addresses such things as this and what to do if you become ill, etc. Whether or not you get my book, please read this short, free eBook. It will help you get your time here off to a great start. there is a problem with the download or code please let me know at 

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